Sunday, March 06, 2011


I just realized the other day that four of my children own two houses each. Marcus has a condo in California and one in MN that he is trying to sell. Stephen took a call from St. Joseph, Mo to Rockford, IL four years ago. He has not been able to sell the property in St. Joe in all that time. (He has been fortunate to have renters much of that time to alleviate the stress). Anna and Jeff still own their first house, but are using it as a successful rental property. (In otherwords, they own it on purpose.) And Sarah and Brian bought a new house in December, so they still have the first house, but, pending unforseen complicatons, they just found a buyer! They will close in April, so that is good news.

Whoever thought that owning property could be a liability? Paul's mom died recently and she still owns a home in WI. That should have been a good thing (and it still is) but it is also an unknown equation for the estate.

Anyway, I found it rather humorous that we are such a "landed" family. (Our other four children also own homes, plus we own (along with the friendly neighborhood bank, of course.) a townhouse.

Not counting Paul's mom's house that makes 13 properties!! This from a family that never owned a house while the kids were growing up because we lived in parsonages for all of Paul's years in the ministry. Where the resources for this plethera of properties came from I cannot tell you.

In our family we call it "God's math".


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Luke said...

Another fan of your blog weighing in... I know partly why my of family PKs own homes...because we DID live in several parsonages and moved around quite a bit in our earlier years. I own my own home simply because I thought it would help create the 'roots' that I felt were missing. (It's generally not quite that simplistic, but for me, a good part of it is related to that.) Right now, the thought of being able to pick up roots and move WITHOUT having to sell a house seems kind of appealing to me. :) Just my two cents...