Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Again!

We need a new wheel bearing on our car. The left front tire has that nerve wracking jitter to it. If you have ever had it happen to your car you will know the exact feeling I mean. It is a scary wobble that increases with speed, and, on my car at least, is most noticible when I steer to the left.

Of course, after the fellows at the shop looked at the car they informed us that we needed new shocks as well. We were beginning to suspect that, so it was not a total "shock". Still, the decision to repair an older car is a tough one. We like our car. We put out well over $5,000 early last year to rebuild the transmission, then another $1,000 for a new radiator, and now this. So, do we protect the investment we have already made and spend another $1500, hoping to eek out another year or two on the old buggy, or do we finally throw in the towel and surrender to the inevitable decay that is the way of all the world?

I told my husband, Paul, that I wasn't so sure I had been making wise decisions lately. Since his illness, much of the day to day stuff has fallen on me. I don't have trouble accepting the responsibility, but I sometimes  make snap decisions, and after a little reflection, find that I could have thought things through a little more fully.  He tends to let me do whatever I think best since he does not have a lot of energy, and certainly not enough energy to argue his point (an often necessary exercise when sharing a decision with me). I cannot say that he ever criticizes my decisions either. But this time I abdicated all my "druthers" and put it in his hands.  I told him, "You make the call."

The car is in the shop being fixed, and I am perfectly happy, not only that the car is getting fixed, but that I did not have to make the decision.

Anyway, remember that old saying about how an old car can nickel and dime you to death? Nickel and dime???

I wish!!


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