Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been immobilized by the TV coverage of the earthquake and sumani  in Japan. Many of the images are now seared into my mind, like those pictures I saw of the sunami that hit Thailand and Indonesia some years ago (the final estimate of casualties in that one was 300,000 ), or the ones I carry of the twin towers coming down in New York, or the sight of all the floodwaters and damage of Katrina.

I find it alarming that when I watch that giant wave come ashore, and then see pictures of the devastation left behind, that there are almost no people in the pictures. Where are the people?

In the Christchurch earthquake people were everywhere, rushing for cover, huddling together, hugging, pulling one another to safety. In New York they raced ahead of the cloud of dust and debris. In Katrina they gathered on bridges and roof tops. Am I missing something?

Where are the people?


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