Friday, March 25, 2011

Better now

Well, I went back to the beauty school and the instructor brought the student over to show her how to finish the haircut. I think the student did not know that there was a third step with this cut. It had absolutely no layers, but the instructor did a great job on my hair. I'm happy, they're happy, and I am no longer afraid to leave the house without a hair covering.

It is a good thing, too, because my daughters are having a joint birhday party tomorrow night, and I really wanted to go, but did not want to embarrass them! I really hated that "Prince Valient"  look!.

Now, if I can just lose a little weight. I am swimming again, and I have been watching my carbs. But anyone one who is trying to undo what they did to themselves by eating too much or by not paying attention to the foods they were putting into their mouths, knows that this is not easily reversed. At least I have lost most of my "winter" weight.

The crazy thing is that I have not always been so concerned about my appearance. God blessed me with adequate good looks, so I did not suffer unduly with selfconsciousness, even as a teen. In addition, my husband, the only one I normally would want to please with my looks, is visually impaired, so he says I always look pretty good to him. (There is nothing wrong with his memory.)

Caring so much about that rotten haircut forces me to face a narcissim I did not know I possessed. Isn't it interesting what we learn about ourselves in the most unexpected ways? Have I taken God's gifts for granted?  Do I think I deserve to look attractive?

I was humbled by a bad hair cut. But even more humbled to realize how quickly vainity takes us hostage, and feeds our discontent.



Diane P said...

Spring always seems to do this to me, too. Sometimes I almost wish I was at the age it truely doesn't matter. My mother was simply beautiful in the nursing home. :0)

Diane P said...

BTW...I really love your have such a gift! Well, actually , several gifts...
:0) I've always loved your hair!!!

Katherine said...

Thank, Diane. I'll bet your mother was beautiful. I always thought she was so pretty. (I love it when people add their thoughts to the article.)