Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Business as Usual....for Me

Having a bit of an addictive personality myself, I cannot imagine what it must be like for people in Japan who are like me or even more so. No coffee in the morning? What do you mean there is no coffee? We are out of toothpaste? No dental floss? No heat?

I am trying to live today on purpose, ie. paying attention to all the things I take for granted.

The library is closed? Oh, dear. No mail? No internet? No phone? No contact with loved ones? No air to breathe safely? One set of clothing? No medicine? No pets? NO FOOD?

Thank you Lord, for the blessedness of having a routine day; for the right to make choices about so many of the "taken for granted" things in life. Forgive me for the casualness with which I move through the bounty you have granted me this day.

Through the great disaster in another land I have seen how feeble is the illusion that I have control over my life, or, even worse,  that I somehow have a "right" to these blessings. Make me ever mindful of Your provision that I might I cherish each day of normality.

Be with those whose lives have so changed and return them to a place of blessing and peace.

In Jesus name,



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