Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Hair Day

I've been getting my hair done at a local beauty school, and thus far it has worked out well. The instructors are there to smooth over any mistakes made by the students, and the price is about half or less what it would cost to go to a salon. The only drawback I have seen is that it takes more time. Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday I came home with a bad haircut. Not horrible, I guess, but certainly not pleasing. I think it makes me look dumb. (If you are old enough to remember the Sunday comics, think "Prince Valiant"). Fortunately this will only cause about a week's worth of agony. (And one can always use a little humbling. Perhaps it will lead to a richer Lenten experience.)  Anyway, in a week or two it will have grown out enough to be able to do something with it. Did I mention it is a short haircut, so at the moment there is little to work with to change the look?

Some years ago I was telling a friend of mine that I had gotten my hair cut at a local franchise, and that it was okay, but the girl did a terrible job on my bangs (part of the problem this time, too.) The next time I saw my friend she told me that she had called the salon and told them about the bang cutting thing, and that they had assured her that they would schedule someone to come in and review bang cutting with the hairdressers.

I looked at her in complete shock. SHE called the hair place to complain about MY haircut. I found that very unsettleing. If I had felt that strongly about it I would have called them myself. The girl who cut my hair was the daughter of a friend of mine, and I surely did not want to cause any trouble. Did she give them my name? Could I ever show up there again without being looked at as a trouble maker?

"Gracia," I asked, "why would you call a solon to complain about something that did not happen to you?"

She looked at me in complete shock (do you see a pattern here? We two must be easily shocked.), and said, "You do know we own that salon, don't you?"

Since I really have no idea who owns that beauty school, I guess I"ll play it safe this time and just complain about my hair here on my blog.



Sharon - Grandma is a Writer said...

I linked to your blog from the Faith Writers site. Had to laugh at your "bad hair day" experience. Several years ago I was getting perms at a beauty school and having an excellent experience until the day I got an "unperm." I still don't know what the person did, but my hair came out straight as could be. Not only did I waste the money, but I also wasted the time. I believe that was the last time I ever went to that beauty school!

Katherine said...

Great story. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Still, I think I'll go back. It might be awhile though, since this girl said she didn't graduate for 9 more months!