Saturday, March 05, 2011

High Hopes

I just spoke with my son, Peter, who lives in Omaha. He told me that his son, Zachary (my oldest grandson), is looking at going to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. A lofty goal, indeed. I knew that it has been a longtime dream of Zach's to be a pilot. The Air Force Academy dream was new to me.

I do have a cousin, Tom, who attended the Academy in its second or third year of existence, and in a quick exchange of emails with him he gave us his phone number, and offered to give Pete and Zach a little advice on how to go about things. He says the competition is fierce, and I believe it.

Still, I like the pursuit of lofty goals. Try, fail, and adjust. That's the only way to succeed in life, so trying and failing would still a big step forward. And, as I used to tell the kids when they auditioned for TV commercials and movies, "100% of those who never audition do not get the job."

When Marcus had his first audition at age ten the sign on the agent's door read, "Expect a miracle".

So, we did. Marcus was in three movies, and Anna has been in at least three, not to mention the plays, the commercials, and the music videos that they and the other kids have done as well.

So, "Expect a miracle", Zach.

God is good.


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