Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rest of the Story

Today we have a guest writer who is here to give a follow-up report of yesterday's lost dog story.

Lost Dog is Found.
by Marilyn Fritze Vogel on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 11;21 am
YOU WON"T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! When we got home from Denver on Sunday evening, we let Sugar out of her kennel as usual. We flopped in front of the TV and Sugar kept bugging us with her toys to play and we kept ignoring her. She had gone out her dog door as usual and neither of us paid much attention. When it was time to go to bed, I called her to kennel her as usual. She didn't come, I couldn't find her....I went downstairs and called her.....looked in the bedrooms down there.....she didn't come....I looked outside and the back gate was open. I had watched Gavin and Jenna on their bikes in front for awhile before we left for Denver...they had taken their bikes back to the shed to put them away and left the gate open. I didn't even think to check the gate. We figured Sugar had escaped through the open gate.

Jim drove all over town until about 2 in the morning. Yesterday he spent most of the day driving all over town looking and I drove around as well. We talked to lots of people walking dogs, neighbors, etc. No one had seen her. This morning I put an ad in the paper and Bethany had offered to make up flyers to post around the town. Amy had given me websites for lost pets, Kathy kept texting for support, all were praying,,,even Facebook friends were praying. Of course Jim and I were praying too and I was determined not to lose hope(which I do easily). I kept telling God that I wanted to have the faith that the woman who touched his robe had and just kept repeating how mighty and powerful and able he was to give Sugar back to us and to keep her safe. (We have foxes in our neighborhood). Jim shared that he heard about a dog returned to it's owners 4 years after it was lost....random story on the radio while he was driving around...Jim has the gift of faith and also intersession. I was encouraged by his assurance and wanted to believe it that strongly too.

I read in a devo this morning in "Streams in the Desert" about not giving up and being good at "waiting" for God to answer.You all know how good I am at waiting!!!!

Early this morning when I was making coffee, I was sure I faintly heard a dog whining. I went outside and looked, then decided it was the refrigerater which makes all kinds of interesting sounds. I had just put an ad in the newspaper online with a reward for finding Sugar. Then Jim got up and went outside...he said he thought he heard a dog whining. That seemed strange to me that both of us heard that so I thought maybe she had gotten trapped somewhere. I opened the closet doors in the garage and decided to check downstairs again....hadn't been down there since Sunday night. I opened a bedroom door and there she was. Wow, what a praise. We had prayed that God wold keep her safe...boy did He!

Needless to say, we are so thankful and happy and I feel dumb in that I must have actually locked her in there when I looked for her Sunday night. BUT through it all, God taught me to trust....for longer than I tend to. A valuable lesson. I was also convicted about the fact that I spent hours praying for my lost dog and realize I do not spend hours praying for lost people in my life. Thank you Lord for these lessons And thank you for our little dog.

Must go...have a big mess to clean in the basement bedroom!! :)

So there you have it. Sugar was not lost. She is merely owned by some (dog) losers.


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