Friday, March 11, 2011

Change Your Clocks

Daylight savings time starts tomorrow. I'm glad my sister, Martha, is not here to orchestrate things for us. Some years ago we were in a motel in the Washington DC area in the Fall , because my niece, Emily, was running in the Marine marathon. In fact, the next day, the day of the marathon, was the Sunday that we were to turn our clocks back one hour. Martha was determined that we would get an extra hour of sleep, but did not want to miss the start of the race.

"Remember to set your clocks back tonight," she told us numerous times during the day, and again as we turned in. She even called her husband, Paul, back in Baltimore, to make sure he did it right.

Taking her reminder to heart, and wanting to be well rested for the race, we did as she said. We then set the alarm for 6 am, and went to sleep.

The next morning, we heard a knock on our door. It was Martha. "Are you up?" she whispered loudly through the door."It's 6 am."

Reluctantly, we rolled out of bed to get dressed, surprised to see that our clock read 5 am.

"Are you sure?" we asked sleepily.

"I'm positive," was her firm reply.

We began dressing, and before long we had another rap on the door. It was Martha. She had made sure that the hotel alerted her with a wake-up call, and had gotten up and dressed immediately after they rang, but when she finally looked at the clock she realized what had happened.

 Exasperated, she called the front desk and asked, "Do you know that you are waking everyone in this hotel up an hour early? Did you set your clocks back last night?"

She said there was a long pause and then and then a very nervous, "Oh, my."

We think she hounded the wrong people.

Now, remember. It is not Fall, so you have to put your clocks ahead, not back. Spring ahead, Fall back. (This story is making me a little confused.)

Maybe I do need Martha.


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