Monday, January 17, 2011


My 15 year old grandson, Nicholas, plays hockey, and I went to one of his games this evening. I have only been to one other game this year. What really struck me this time was how well they played as a team. They won 8-2, even though they were playing one of the top teams in their league.

The passing was superb. It seemed that all the players touched the puck at least once every time they were on the ice, and no one player stuck out in my mind as being their "best" player. One of the boys had a hat trick, but I'm not sure of his number off hand, because others were always in on the play as well, either as assiting or keeping the puck in front of the goal. There was no solo flight down the ice to showcase a goal. Anyway, it was a good reminder of the power there is in a team that works together for the good of all.

I really enjoyed it. They have a tournament this weekend. I think I just might go.


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