Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year 2011

I am determined to write every day, from this day on (Jan. 2,2011) for a full year.

My life seems to be excellerating. The days zoom by and my accomplishments seem trivial. I have always had trouble defining a productive day. Why does one action have more value than another? I cleaned out a closet, and that makes my life a little easier since I can now access the items that I chose to keep with more ease, but how important is that is the large scheme of things? Would I have been better off working for the dollar (I call that "selling your life for money"), or was the closet thing, okay? I did get the oil changed in the car. I know that is good for the car and I am the car's I fixed supper, so my husband and I did eat a fairly good meal. Was that important? We played a game of cribbage afterward. That was a plus since it binds us in an activity that we look forward to doing most days. We read Scripture together and that seems pretty important.

So, good day? Bad day? Now that it is passed, does it matter? Maybe I am trying to place my value too highly on what I do rather than on who I am in Christ Jesus; a child of the living God, a fellow heir in the Kingdom of heaven. Maybe that is enough, and I can go to bed with the full sense of being valuable, and loved, precious in God's eyes.

Okay, I can live with that.


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