Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Heading into 2011

Our Christmas season was more hectic this year than usual. Our family is growing, so our get-togethers are pretty big (22 of the 23 grandchildren were here for "second Christmas" on Tuesday, December 28th, along with all but one of their parents and aunts and uncles..) Two weeks before Christmas, Paul, my husband had surgery due to a major infection in his big toe (amputation of (L) great toe). The upshot was that, not only is my Christmas letter lying neglected, (although I still intend to send it out...the info doesn't change just because it comes late), but I did not get to do my usual reflecting and goal setting for the coming year. It has left me adrift. I am a goal setter by nature, (my weakness being not revisiting those goals on a regular basis throughout the year). Still, I don't like launching into the year with no clear cut path to travel.

Perhaps, just as the Christmas letter info does not change when sent out late, so, too, those goals won't be any less important if set later than the first day of the year. Yeah, that's it...I'm on it.

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