Saturday, April 16, 2011

Get Moving!

I just got done talking with my son, Marcus. He called from Burbank, CA, complaining about the heat. He reported the temperature to be somewhere around 89 degrees F. I had little to no sympathy for him. Our thermometer, here in Minnesota, reads 39 F. The wind chill makes it feel at least 15 degrees colder than that. And to add insult to injury there was snow on the ground this morning; all of a piece with the terribly cold, extremely snowy winter we have just gone through.

We Minnesotans like to think of ourselves as tough, hard working, go-getters, but I heard a woman from Florida question that idea. She said she had recently moved here (from Florida) and had heard about the great Yankee striving and our get up and go. People warned her that we northerners talked and moved so quickly that a southerner like her would be left panting in the dust if she tried to keep up.

"Maybe you all still believe that, " she told me once, "but when I am out for my evening walk I pass house after house with the TV on and someone sitting in a chair in front of it. You won't find that in Florida. We are out doing stuff. Why would anyone stay at home and miss the action. We're the ones on the go!"

Ever since she made that comment, I have found myself having to agree with her. This past week I have been home in front of my computer screen more than in front of the television screen, but I see what she means. When it is so uninviting to walk out that door, it becomes extremely easy to stay inside where it is warm and cozy.

Cabin fever of our own making, I call it. I was hoping that a few warm sunny days would coax me out of my rut, but there are no warm days in the forecast for at least a week. That means I am going to have to fight this inertia on my own. I need a plan of action

Okay, I am going to clean out the car for our trip, shop for a few new clothes, get some new glasses, visit the gym to work out and then put my gym membership on hold for the summer, return the library books, get groceries for Easter, attend Holy Week services, and  take Paul to the doctor for his post op check up. There. Just my getting a list together makes me feel proactive, energized even.

I'll get to that stuff some time next week or so. Right now I have a show I want to watch.


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Diane said...

You lost me after clean up the car...I'm tired thinking about it!!Have a great week!