Thursday, April 14, 2011

Agnus Dei

Yesterday we went to Lenten services. Next week is holy week. My son Peter has written a beautiful song for this special season:  Agnus Dei  

Go to the link by clicking on  the title (above), then click on additional information. Toward the bottom of that drop down is a small entry that says:  Full-Length MP3. When you click on that you will hear a wonderful choir sing the whole song.

I even like to small the screen at that point and click below the picture of the sheet music where it says look inside, then I change the page view to 75% and follow along (sing along). The pages are turned by the button on the left-hand side of the control bar.

Peter is currently the band director and head of the music department at Concordia Lutheran High School. Omaha, NE. He has been writing music for many years. He wrote a lot of music for theater for children in the Twin Cities when he was in high school and college. You can also listen to his other piece at Concordia Publishing House, Veni, Sancte, Spiritus. Go to and type in Peter Klemp to find this piece as well.

Our family sang Agnus Dei for the first time last summer and fell in love with it. (We become The Klemp Family Singers once again every summer for one Sunday. We are forty strong as a family now, and, although the babies do not sing, the rest of us do.)



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