Monday, May 02, 2011

On Our Way

The first leg of our trip is complete. We are in Columbia, MO. We will go to see my mother tomorrow, but this evening we spent catching up with my sister and her news. When we left St Paul, MN this morning it was 34 degrees and spitting a little snow. By the time we got to Columbia it was 59 degrees, so that is a big improvement.

So far so good. I have been  a little concerned that this trip might be too hard on Paul, but he did fine today. As we got into the car he informed me that this was probably going to be our last big trip together. I suspected as much, and that was a big part of why I was so happy we were able to go. (I feared that we had already had our last big trip together.) He also told me that he was not looking forward to it, but that he was doing it for me. I already knew that, and I thanked him.

I have always loved traveling with him. Not every trip was a fun trip. I remember driving home from St. Louis one year where he spoke a total of about seven words to me because he was so miserable. ("I don't care." "Do what you wish.") But most of the time we are companiable, pretty much know what to expect, and just enjoy being with someone who knows you so well you do not have to be anyone but your true self.

The saga continues. We'll see what unfolds. We are in the Lord's hands.


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