Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family and Friends!

The house is quiet. The guests are gone and both Paul and Marcus have retired for the night. I like having the quiet wrap around me. I allows me time to reflect on this trip, on the blessing of family, and on the importance of  friends.

It is interesting to get a glance into your grown children's lives. Tonight we met Andy for the first time. Andy is Marcus' boss, but their friendship preceded this arrangement. Andy is Armenian, a first generation American, having come to America when he was age seven. I remember when Marcus went to his wedding some years ago, and now Andy is a father to three year old Mona, and is anticipating the birth of a son (due in early June). He is quick witted and energetic, and has made the most of the opportunities for work and the enjoyable lifestyle here in California.

Scott and Dana are a couple we met several years ago. Marcus is to be in their wedding this summer. Scott also works with Marcus and Andy, and his friendship, too, predates this workplace. Dana was in a couple of plays with Marcus and now works for a number of reality TV shows (including American Idol).  These are people that Marcus often talks about, and it is nice to be able to put faces to their names. You learn a lot about your children by observing the folks with whom they surround themselves. Marcus has some very nice friends.

Matt and Jenni came over, too. It is so good for both of our sons to have family out here. We are a tight knit group, and Marcus seemed way out in left field to the rest of us. Now, he has a brother and sister-in-law in the area, and a niece and two nephews that love him dearly. Matt and Jenni like having Marcus as a  resource (he has been out here for more than ten years already), and we have somewhere to visit. Win, win, win!!

We ate pizza, and talked and laughed and played a little Wii, and had a great evening. Family is so important. Tonight we rejoice in Andy's new family here in America, Scott and Dana's upcoming marriage, and our chance to visit and enjoy our California kin.

God is good.


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