Friday, May 13, 2011

Hollywood, Et AL

For some reason, blogger was down yesterday. You could read what was already there, but not write anything new. It seems to be fine today.

I got an email yesterday saying that the writing class I was so looking forward to has been cancelled. The woman who was to be our instructor has become ill, and is unable to take it on. I am starting to get used to the information, but yesterday I was crushed. I had been looking forward to that class for many months, and now feel like a kid who has had someone steal her candy.

Yesterday was a good day here in LA, though. Paul, and Marcus and I went to the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. It was fabulous. Paul loved the whole thing. He was worried that he would not tolerate the day well, but Marcus got him a wheelchair, wheeled him around all day, and read a lot of the display notes to him. Paul said he is glad he made the trip, and has found that it not as hard on him as he had feared. That has surprised us both, and we are grateful.

Having had a big outing yesterday, he was content to stay here at Marcus' condo for the day while Marcus and I hit the town. We took a walk in the Hollywood hills (a steep walk), then walked around Hollywood for awhile, hit a garage sale on a side street, explored Melrose street which is full of clothes and shoes and jewelry from aspiring artists, went to the Farmers' Market and grabbed a bite to eat, then drove down Santa Monica Boulevard to the ocean. We walked out onto the famous dock there, and then strolled along the beach and watched the sun set.  A visit to a lovely, out door wine bar in Santa Monica put an enjoyable finish to the day. I'm sure my legs will ache tomorrow, but we had a great time, filled with the "LA experience".

My sister, Liz, called this evening  to let us know that my 95 year old mother has taken a turn for the worse. We are so thankful to have seen her just 11 days ago. She was able to visit with us and feed herself at that time, but is no longer able to do much of anything. She wants to go to heaven. Her life here has become so hard to sustain. She is in God's hands.


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Diane said...

We stein Tulsa, also experiencing the wonderful gift of
Family. I was able to catch up with your trip today. I'm so
thankful Paul is enjoying himself and doing so well! I know your kids are just loving having you with them!!
How wonderful that you saw Mom, as it sounds that in His mercy , God will soon take her to be with Him. That's what life is about...enjoying His gifts on earth, but ultimately looking forward to His gift of heaven. Blessings on your week ahead... We continue to pray for your safety and time with Fam...