Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short Note

Today I made the trip to the library as planned. I often look for stories of resistance fighters in WWII, and found several books in the library, but none at the bookstore. That bookstore was pretty amazing though. The books were almost ceiling high, and simply piled everywhere. There was a system to the madness, but you still had to hunt once you were in the general area of your subject.

After getting all my wash done, I feel ready for whatever the week brings. Walking around town, both on my own, and again with Marcus when he came home, were the main activities of the day. The crazy thing is, it is really safe to walk around Burbank during the day, or after dark. Marcus claims people are either at work, making sure they make enough money so that they can afford to live in Burbank, or in their homes enjoying the few hours of free time they have.

Marcus and I talked until 2 am, so this post is late and I am out of steam.  Matt and Jenni and the kids are coming over here tomorrow, plus several other friends of Marcus'. I'll tell you about the party ttomorrow.


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