Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Vision Beyond My Own

I mentioned to my daughter, Paula, that I wanted to create a place in our bedroom where I could read. I pictured something like a chaise in the corner with a nice lamp beside it. One week later we shopped for and found the perfect chaise. Paula didn't like the color of the walls with that particular piece of furniture, so I spent the next three days painting the bedroom.

Of course it didn't look right without endtables on either side of the bed, so she found and we painted two bedstands white. They look very nice, except now the wall hanging looks weird on the new color, so we picked out something more modern for the wall, which made the bedspread and pillows look too dark and broody.

The new bedspreads should arrive either tomorrow or the next day, and the decorator pillows and side rugs she found should make a grand statement, except the lamp I am now using to read needs replacing, and we really should have matching lamps on the new bedstands.

She has a great idea for the window coverings (the current covering matches the soon to be replaced bedspread) and the dresser is now too big because of adding the chair in the room, and besides it is old and dark brown (we bought it when we were first married...pecan wood) so she is keeping an eye on Craig's list.

Did I mention I really like reading on my new chaise?

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