Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grab Hold of Joy

We have been having unusually warm weather for March here in Minnesota. That is true for much of the rest of the country as well. I am amazed at the changes in my outlook these past two weeks. Sunshine matters. It is as though I am coming out of hibernation, warily, I admit. I have a feeling that this may be a case of bait and switch;  that winter might return with a vengeance just to mock my joy. The closer we draw to May the less that bothers me. Winter is drawing to a close, and I am grateful that it was a mild one.

Sometimes I approach God's blessings that way, as though they may be a trap; as though God might be tricking me into letting down my guard. If I dare to enjoy them, I reason, I will find an equally unpleasant time that balances out that goodness. Don't think you won't pay for this somewhere else, I tell myself.

As I look back on my life, though, I find that such belief is actually a tool of the devil to rob me of joy. Not only has my life had more good times than bad, good came out of the bad times anyway. Just think of all the hours you have spent worrying about things that never materialized, and you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

One of my daughters had a miscarriage in her first pregnancy. I can still picture that bruised young couple sitting on the couch in their living room as they sought to deal with this unexpected and life altering event. When that same daughter became pregnant again, someone asked her if she was nervous about the possibility of another miscarriage. I love her answer. She said she was going to enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest extent, assuming that all would be well. And, if something did go wrong, well, they had dealt with it once and survived, they knew they could do so again.

I have decided to claim the joy of the day. Today and tomorrow and as long as it lasts, I am going to rejoice in this fine weather. If winter returns, I'll deal. After all, I have survived many a cruel winter before, and I know I can do so again.

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