Saturday, June 04, 2011

Nearly Normal

Paul will come home from the TCU (Transitional Care Unit) in three more days or so. That is when we return to "life as we once knew it". The past three weeks have been a wild ride, but as I look back I am amazed that the frantic activity of those days flowed seamlessly, one task to the next, in perfect order.

God does not give us more than we can bear, and when we let Him handle the complexities of piled up stress, the details fall beautifully into place. I would not change anything. His plan was flawless. All went well, and now we are all well, as well. (Can you tell I'm a bit rusty when it comes blogging suscinctly.)

I missed this time of reflection. My life is usually a simple one, by design. I like to ponder things rather than move frantically from one event to the next. But, boy, do I have a lot of new material to write about!

Paul's infection is all gone. He lost the remainder of his toes, but  most of his foot is intact. He will be able to walk on his own again when the stiches heal. We had a wonderful vacation. Even the trip home was good. And God rescued us in the end.

Sleep is an amazing healer. It is great to be able to think and reflect and write. So, hey, we're on again. I missed you guys...Oh, and Karen and Caren, I'm sending a big Minnesota shout your way!


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Diane said...

Welcome back !!